Re: [RFC][PATCH RT 0/2] futex priority based wakeup

From: Jakub Jelinek
Date: Tue May 16 2006 - 06:36:28 EST

On Thu, May 11, 2006 at 10:56:57AM +0200, S?bastien Dugu? wrote:
> Hm, I wonder what would be the effect of having the external mutex
> and __data.__lock use a PI futex and __data.__futex use a regular
> futex when the waiters on __data.__futex are requeued on the external
> mutex during a broadcast.

Well, either glibc can stop using requeue if the mutex is PI mutex (and use
the slower fallback), or kernel would need to handle requeueing from normal to
PI futex.

> > > But, there is a problem here - pthread_cond_{signal,broadcast} don't
> > > have any associated mutexes, so you often don't know which type
> > > of protocol you want to use for the internal condvar lock.
> Just a wild guess here, but in the broadcast or signal path, couldn't
> __data.__mutex be looked up to determine what protocol to use for the
> __data.__futex?

Not always.
Say if you do:
thread1 (low prio) thread2 (very high prio) thread3 (mid prio)
pthread_cond_signal (&cv)
# first use of cv in the program, no mutex has been ever used with this
# condvar
lll_mutex_lock (&cv->__data.__lock)
pthread_cond_wait (&cv, &pi_mutex)
lll_mutex_lock (&cv->__data.__lock)
# Then thread2 is stuck, waiting on thread1 which waits on thread3

At pthread_cond_signal enter time you don't know the type of associated
mutex, so you don't know which kind of internal lock to use.
It doesn't have to be the first use of cv in the program, similarly it can
be any pthread_cond_{signal,broadcast} called while there are no threads
in pthread_cond_*wait on that cv.

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