man-pages-2.32 is released

From: Michael Kerrisk
Date: Tue May 16 2006 - 18:09:41 EST


I recently released man-pages-2.32, which can be found at the
location in the .sig.

Changes in this release that may be of interest to readers
of this list include the following:

New pages

New page for faccessat(2), new in 2.6.16.

New page for fchmodat(2), new in 2.6.16.

New page for fchownat(2), new in 2.6.16.

New page for futimesat(2), new in 2.6.16.

Changes to individual pages

Reworded to reflect that capabilities are per-thread.
Add ioprio_set() to list of operations permitted by
scheduling classes to list of operations permitted by
Note effects of CAP_SYS_NICE for migrate_pages().


The man-pages set contains sections 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 of
the manual pages. These sections describe the following:

2: (Linux) system calls
3: (libc) library functions
4: Devices
5: File formats and protocols
7: Overview pages, conventions, etc.

As far as this list is concerned the most relevant parts are:
all of sections 2 and 4, which describe kernel-userland interfaces;
in section 5, the proc(5) manual page, which attempts (it's always
catching up) to be a comprehensive description of /proc; and
various pages in section 7, some of which are overview pages of
kernel features (e.g., networking protocols).

If you make a change to a kernel-userland interface, or observe
a discrepancy between the manual pages and reality, would you
please send me (at mtk-manpages@xxxxxxx ) one of the following
(in decreasing order of preference):

1. An in-line "diff -u" patch with text changes for the
corresponding manual page. (The most up-to-date version
of the manual pages can always be found at or .)

2. Some raw text describing the changes, which I can then
integrate into the appropriate manual page.

3. A message alerting me that some part of the manual pages
does not correspond to reality. Eventually, I will try to
remedy the situation.

Obviously, as we get further down this list, more of my time
is required, and things may go slower, especially when the
changes concern some part of the kernel that I am ignorant
about and I can't find someone to assist.



Michael Kerrisk
maintainer of Linux man pages Sections 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7

Want to help with man page maintenance?
Grab the latest tarball at,
read the HOWTOHELP file and grep the source
files for 'FIXME'.
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