RE: replacing X Window System !

From: "Döhr, Markus ICC-H"
Date: Tue May 16 2006 - 20:01:11 EST

> > First of all, your assumptions are incorrect. Modern versions of X
> > are not old, unoptimised, will do remote sessions, etc.
> Remote sessions have been there as long as the DISPLAY
> environment variable - I think even X10.4, 2 decades and more
> ago, could do that. I know that it worked just fine 18 years
> ago with X11R1 (aah... building that from source on a 25mz
> Sun3 took a little while). (Anybody know when the first
> instance of pointing 'xmelt' at another user's machine for
> amusement was? :)

Although one has to admit that working with remote X terminals over a
SSH/WAN/VPN-connection is far from usefull, Microsoft´s RDP protocol does a
much better job there. However, there´s NX ( and
other products but out of the box X11 it´s quite slow over higher latency

Just my EUR 0.02



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