AHCI suspend works for me! (was: [ANNOUNCE] libata: new EH, NCQ,hotplug and PM patches against stable kernel)

From: Michael Schierl
Date: Wed May 17 2006 - 08:47:54 EST

zhao, forrest schrieb:
>> And - what SATA ACPI patches?
>> I have quite alot of patches related to sata and/or acpi (collected from
>> different mailing lists) here on hard disk but don't know which ones are
>> broken, outdated, etc. Most only apply on a 2.6.15 or 2.6.14-rc kernel...
>> If more recent patches are only available via git, I'd need some good
>> GIT tutorial first...
>> TIA, and sorry for stealing your time,
>> Michael
> Michael,
> I ported a patch from OpenSUSE for AHCI suspend/resume. You may find the
> patch at:
> y

I cannot see any patch in this mail...

However, the patch linked there "indirectly",


applies well on vanilla 2.6.16 (although not on top of the "new EH"
patch) and is the first one that really works (as far as I tested it).

I tested it on a minimal kernel (no network no sound no nothing); I'll
build a new "non-minimal" kernel now :) If I run into any problems; I'll
tell you.

Thank you.

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