Re: 2.6.17-rc4-mm1 nfsroot build err, looks related to klibc

From: Jim Cromie
Date: Wed May 17 2006 - 14:14:41 EST

H. Peter Anvin wrote:
Jim Cromie wrote:
H. Peter Anvin wrote:
Jim Cromie wrote:

Ok, it built clean, but broke on boot.

What does the full command line look like?


I presume you mean the kernel boot-line, since last post included the 'Running ipconfig'

Ive been banging at the kernel with permutations of the following pxelinux stanza.

LABEL I 2.6.17-rc4-mm1-sk
MENU LABEL ^i. 2.6.17-rc4-mm1-sk
KERNEL vmlinuz-2.6.17-rc4-mm1-sk
APPEND console=ttyS0,115200n81 root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=/nfshost/truck ip= panic=5

I think the problem lies with picking up a decent 'rootpath', since that
part of the output is always empty, for all variations tried so far..

Okay, this is probably a result of specifying the NFS server in the ip= option and the nfsroot not having a server. I will try to debug this and straighten it out.

ok - that may need attention, but its also my misunderstanding of the rootpath field;
which describes only what it got from dhcp, I was looking for the cmd-line arg
to show up there also. the 'complete' threw me.

Anyway, I passed it in via dhcp.conf, so I now get this, (and command-line override)

IP-Config: eth0 guessed nameserver address
IP-Config: eth0 complete (from
address: broadcast: netmask:
gateway: dns0 : dns1 :
rootserver: rootpath: /nfshost/truck
eth0: state = 4
kinit: do_mounts
kinit: name_to_dev_t(/dev/nfs) = dev(0,255)
kinit: root_dev = dev(0,255)
nfsroot=/nfshost/truck overrides boot server bootpath /nfshost/truck
NFS-Root: mo[ 22.660000] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
unting ip= on /r[ 22.668000] oot with options<0>Rebooting in 5 seconds.. 'none'
kinit: need a server
Checking for init: /sbin/init
Checking for init: /bin/init

Ive added this, but havent yet seen its output :-/

[jimc@harpo kinit]$ diff -u nfsmount/main.c~ nfsmount/main.c
--- nfsmount/main.c~ 2006-05-15 10:03:56.000000000 -0600
+++ nfsmount/main.c 2006-05-17 11:39:59.000000000 -0600
@@ -247,6 +247,10 @@
return 1;

+ fprintf(stderr, "nfs_mount:"
+ "rem_name %s, hostname %s, server %x, rem_path %s, path %s\n",
+ rem_name, hostname, server, rem_path, path);
if (nfs_mount(rem_name, hostname, server, rem_path, path,
&mount_data) != 0)
return 1;


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