re: [PATCH] Change ll_rw_block() calls in JBD

From: Zoltan Menyhart
Date: Thu May 18 2006 - 04:25:30 EST

We must be sure that the current data in buffer are sent to disk.
Hence we have to call ll_rw_block() with SWRITE.

Let's consider the following case:

while (commit_transaction->t_sync_datalist) {

// Assume a "bh" got locked before starting this loop

if (buffer_locked(bh)) {
__journal_file_buffer(jh, commit_transaction, BJ_Locked);
} else ...
while (commit_transaction->t_locked_list) {

// Assume our "bh" is not locked any more
// Nothing has happened to this "bh", someone just wanted
// to look at it in a safe way

if (buffer_jbd(bh) && jh->b_jlist == BJ_Locked) {
} else ...

I.e. having an already locked "bh", it is missed out from the log.


Zoltan Menyhart

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