Re: USB keyboard driver buggy, repeats keys

From: Daniel J Blueman
Date: Thu May 18 2006 - 11:03:25 EST

I was having a similar (but unrelated) problem with the certain
revision of the popular compaq/hp black+silver PS/2 keyboards.

To reproduce it, hold down the right shift key and tap Q then S in
pretty quick succession - the S is dropped. There are quite a few
other combinations where the second letter is dropped. The second
letter is not dropped when the left shift key is used.

It turns out the problem was local to the keyboard and a newer
revision (branded hp, rather than compaq) worked fine.

felix-linuxkernel@xxxxxxx wrote:
I bought a USB keyboard recently, and I am a fast typist.

When I type "incoming" in a hurry, I press i, then n, then c, and
then I release i, then n, then c. When I do this, Linux registers these


I first thought this is a bug in my keyboard, so I tried the same thing
on Windows -- I get "inc", just as expected.

Please fix!

Daniel J Blueman
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