Re: How should Touchscreen Input Drives behave (OpenEZX pcap_ts)

From: Florent Thiery
Date: Thu May 18 2006 - 11:34:20 EST

No, this touchscreen actually has fairly reasonable pressure reporting.
I know that this is unusual. But I get reproducible numbers when trying
soft stylus press, hard stylus press. And things like finger touching.
Also I can actually distinguish a thumb from an index finger press ;)

This is GREAT !!! because:
- with some embedded drawing app, you can paint !!! (this is interesting for me)
- we can have a "finger" detection feature, which could allow do trigger the switch to "finger mode" (bigger buttons etc)
not that I've ever noted. But Motorola ignores many of the hardwares

That's the purpose of openezx (and open source in general) to unleash them :) What other hardware features could be improved?

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