Re: [PATCH for 2.6.17] [3/5] i386/x86_64: Force pci=noacpi on HP XW9300

From: Greg KH
Date: Thu May 18 2006 - 12:16:55 EST

On Mon, May 15, 2006 at 12:47:31PM -0400, Brown, Len wrote:
> >The system has multiple PCI segments and we don't handle that properly
> >yet in PCI and ACPI. Short term before this is fixed blacklist it to
> >pci=noacpi.
> I'm okay with the patch, but it makes me wonder...
> Is this the 1st/only system Linux has run on with multiple PCI segments?
> What are your expectations for where "short-term" ends and "long-term"
> begins?

Jeff's older patches caused some bad problems on some odd NUMA machines,
so I dropped them. Someone needs to take the time and clean them all up
and get them working properly and included into the tree.

Right now, it's very low on my todo list as I don't have such a machine.


greg k-h
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