Re: replacing X Window System !

From: linux cbon
Date: Thu May 18 2006 - 13:29:20 EST

--- Helge Hafting <helge.hafting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> a
écrit :

> All graphical applications - sure.

As already discussed here, not all graphical
applications should be rewritten, but only some
And none, if we can emulate X.

> Now you want to move graphichs into the kernel???

Unix was NOT designed for graphics.
Linux is supposed to be *modern*.

The kernel already drives the files system, the
network, the cdrom, the cpu, etc. Why not the graphics

Why dont we have "good" 3D support in X ?

> Your solution does not mean "no window system at
> all"
> You still got one, except now it is in the kernel
> and
> therefore more dangerous. We do not have 2 os now,
> because X is _not_ an os. Please look up what an os
> _is_,
> and you'll see that.

I trust the linux kernel to command my hardware
correctly, so why not the graphical too ?

> Also, please tell why this would be faster, simpler,
> or
> easier to manage. Stuff in the kernel is generally
> harder to manage than userspace stuff, and
> definitely
> not simpler. Kernel code lives with all sorts of
> requirements
> and limitations that an application programmer would
> hate
> to have to worry about.

Put X in the kernel, so we dont have 7924 bad written
incompatible implementations of it.
Even much better : put a replacement for X (and an X
emulation for old softwares), so we can have
simplicity, speed, 3D etc.

In my opinion, graphics do belong to the OS, like
sound, network and file system.

X implementations problems :

How to improve/replace X :

What is your opinion ?


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