Re: replacing X Window System !

From: Thierry Vignaud
Date: Thu May 18 2006 - 14:51:54 EST

linux cbon <linuxcbon@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> Why dont we have "good" 3D support in X ?

no documentation how to program nvidia 3d chips?
or for the very latest ati chips?
or from the XYZ vendor?

> > Also, please tell why this would be faster, simpler, or easier to
> > manage. Stuff in the kernel is generally harder to manage than
> > userspace stuff, and definitely not simpler. Kernel code lives
> > with all sorts of requirements and limitations that an application
> > programmer would hate to have to worry about.
> Put X in the kernel, so we dont have 7924 bad written
> incompatible implementations of it.

no, we now have 7924 kernels that have to implement each of these
drivers (linux, *bsd, other unices, macos x, ...)
ow! how do we do with macos x? or on windows?
no more X? (though i don't really care but...)

> In my opinion, graphics do belong to the OS, like
> sound, network and file system.

"belong to the OS" != "belong in the kernel"
and where do you put the boundary of the OS? most people don't say
that the OS is only the kernel...

> How to improve/replace X :

like if xorg wasn't trying to improve x11 status (slowly trying to
isolate priviliged stuff, introducing xcb, ...)

> What is your opinion ?

stop troll^h^h^h^h^h thread?
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