Re: [OT] replacing X Window System !

From: Jan Knutar
Date: Fri May 19 2006 - 06:27:28 EST

> It is slow. Just take any older machine (Pentium class), open any longer
> web page in Firefox and scroll it up and down. Or open some other
> window, move it around the screen on top of the Firefox window and see
> how "fast" it really is. Then repeat the same in Windows.
> How can Xgl help here?

I wonder if firefox window gets redrawn when you scroll or move stuff over
it. I fondly remember GTK1 overdrawing the scrollbar with grey rectangles,
then putting the scrollbar pixmaps on top, repeated about 6 times, and this
all done a few times per second for a nice flickering effect on your scollbar..

Do the widget toolkits still only push pixels to the screen, or do they actually
take advantage of any acceleration features that X provides?
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