Re: [PATCH 1/6] nfs: "open code" the NFS direct write rescheduler

From: Chuck Lever
Date: Fri May 19 2006 - 14:55:39 EST

Andrew Morton wrote:
Chuck Lever <cel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Andrew Morton wrote:
Chuck Lever <cel@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
+ * Prevent I/O completion while we're still rescheduling
+ */
+ dreq->outstanding++;
No locking.

dreq->count = 0;
+ list_for_each(pos, &dreq->rewrite_list) {
+ struct nfs_write_data *data =
+ list_entry(dreq->, struct nfs_write_data, pages);
+ spin_lock(&dreq->lock);
+ dreq->outstanding++;
+ spin_unlock(&dreq->lock);

Yes. At the top of the loop, there is no outstanding I/O, so no locking is needed while updating "outstanding." Inside the loop, we've dispatched some I/O against "dreq" so locking is needed to ensure outstanding is updated properly.

OK. Well if I asked, then others will wonder about it. A comment would
cure that problem ;)

Or, I could code defensively and just add locking there too, even though it is not needed. This path is not a performance path, and things could get changed at some point so my assumption that is no longer valid.

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