Re: [PATCH] sector_t overflow in block layer

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Fri May 19 2006 - 17:12:10 EST

Andreas Dilger <adilger@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> One extra suggestion that might be safe and acceptible all around is if
> a device is larger than 2TB w/o a 64-bit sector_t that the block device
> size itself be truncated in the kernel to 2TB-512. This at least prevents
> userspace tools from trying to e.g. format a 3TB filesystem on a device
> that will just corrupt the filesystem.

'twould be good if we could do something like that - doing it on every
single IO submission in submit_bh() Just Feels Wrong.

Also, there's always the option (or enhancement) of emitting lots of scary
warnings and then just proceeding.
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