Re : [I2C] question on adapter design

From: moreau francis
Date: Sat May 20 2006 - 07:07:15 EST

>The I²C (TM Philips) -bus runs at 100 kHz or (high-speed one) at 400 kHz.
>An eight bit byte goes thru it in 80 or 20 microseconds depending on used
>speed. If your interrupt processing considers it as medium level
>priority and fills the Tx fifo with as much as is available (most I²C TX
>sequences do fit inside the 8 byte fifo) and collects as much data as is
>available in the Rx fifo, you should be well set.

ok so most of I2C commands shouldn't last more than 160 us when bus
runs at 400 khz, right ? If so, I'm not sure it worth to use interrupts because
an active polling would avoid context switch that is not negligible in that case.
Interrupts can be usefull if I2C transfers would be longer than 8 bytes...

>Most notable detail there is, that you do have those (for I²C) huge FIFOs.
>Another thing is (I haven't verified this) that I²C master controls the
>bus clock, and can stop it temporarily, when Tx FIFO is empty, or Rx FIFO
>is full.

Indeed, my controller can automatically stop the bus clock when Tx fifo is
empty or Rx fifo is full.


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