vmi vs. xen

From: John Kelly
Date: Sat May 20 2006 - 15:10:22 EST

According to:


> Part of the problem has stemmed from branding issues,
> Pratt said. "They object to putting patches into Linux
> having the 'Xen' prefix on all the function names.
> We're miffed about it being called VMI, since we did
> the hard work of interfaces and defining the patches,"

vzx = VirtualiZation Xen
vzx = Vmware virtualiZation linuX
vzx = VirtualiZation eXternal

So 'vzx' can represent Xen, VMware, or any generic 'eXternal' VM. And
for the openvz/vserver folks:

vzi = VirtualiZation Internal (or In-kernel)

Grepping 2.6.16 for case-insensitive 'vzi' finds 0 matches.

Grepping 2.6.16 for case-insensitive 'vzx' finds 12 matches to 'movzx'
instruction in ./arch/i386/crypto/aes-i586-asm.S.

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