Re: ptrace enhancements for VM support (patch proposals follow in sep.msgs)

From: Peter Chubb
Date: Sun May 21 2006 - 04:03:56 EST

>>>>> "Renzo" == Renzo Davoli <renzo@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Renzo> I am sending with three separate messages (as replies to this)
Renzo> a set of proposed patches for a better support of virtual
Renzo> machines through ptrace.

Goody. I'm working on a linux vritualisation project for IA64
(Linux-on-Linux, or LoL for short ... yes the acronym is chosen

I also have some `ptrace improvement' patches. some are the same as
yours (the one-shot syscall stop, for example).

One other that I found very useful for this kind of virtual machine,
is being able to specify an address range for the IP for syscalls to
stop on. So I can specify that the VM should stop only for syscalls
in the virtual machine, not in the signal trampoline or in the
hypervisro code.

You can get my patches from

They're not quite ready for prime time yet, but are getting pretty close.

Dr Peter Chubb peterc AT ERTOS within National ICT Australia
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