Re: [Xen-devel] Re: Panic in ipt_do_table with

From: Patrick McHardy
Date: Sun May 21 2006 - 13:52:48 EST

Matt Ayres wrote:
> I think I confirmed the NIC is not the source of the problem. A few of
> my servers have e100/tulip NIC's due to a bug with the chipset of the
> on-board TG3 cards firmware and TSO. These servers that use the
> e100/tulip drivers also experience the ipt_do_table bug.

There is an identical report in the netfilter bugzilla, also crashes
(on x86_64) in ipt_do_table with Xen. I haven't heard anything of
similar crashes without Xen, so I doubt that the bug is in the
netfilter code.
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