What's in git.git

From: Junio C Hamano
Date: Sun May 21 2006 - 15:00:54 EST

[ This is sent to the kernel list as well, because I suspect
Eric's quiltimport matches the audience there and it deserves
a bit more exposure. "What's in git.git" is sometimes more
important and significant than [ANNOUNCE] messages, and this
is such a time. ]

* The 'maint' branch has these fixes since the last announcement.

git-cvsimport: Handle "Removed" from pserver

Fredrik Kuivinen:
Update the documentation for git-merge-base

Junio C Hamano:
merge-base: Clarify the comments on post processing.

* The 'master' branch has these since the last announcement, in
addition to the above.

- git-quiltimport (Eric W. Biederman)

This will probably see more enhancements over time taking
inputs from real quilt users.

- use config file to store remotes information (Johannes Schindelin)

- pack-objects further 15% improvements (Nicolas Pitre)

- "diff --check" (Johannes Schindelin)

- "git apply --cached"

- read-tree -m -u: do not overwrite or remove untracked working tree files.

- more built-in commands (Linus, Lukas, Timo and me)
- commit: allow --pretty= args to be abbreviated (Eric Wong)
- Other minor fixes to "git apply", "git diff".

- many cleanups from Sean Estabrooks, Shawn Pearce,
Remove unnecessary local in get_ref_sha1.
Reference git-check-ref-format in git-branch.
Elaborate on why ':' is a bad idea in a ref name.

Also Tilman Sauerbeck twisted my arm sufficiently enough that
I incorporated some of what I use to generate html/man pages
automatically every time I update "master" in the main
Makefile; so if I do not forget to update my release script,
there will be html/man documentation tarballs next to the
usual source tarball release when 1.4.0 release is done.

* The 'next' branch, in addition, has these.

- built-in "git add/rm" (Linus)

Will merge to "master" shortly, unless somebody finds
breakage soon enough.

- built-in "git format-patch" (Johannes Schindelin)

Will merge to "master" shortly, unless somebody finds
breakage soon enough.

- "git tar-tree --remote"

This change itself is low-impact and while it is not a
substitute for true shallow/lazy clone people may find it
useful in other scenarios. I dunno.

- cache-tree with read-tree/write-tree --prefix

I haven't made any progress on this one, but haven't been
bitten by it either, so it is a good sign.

* The 'pu' branch, in addition, has these.

Eric Wong:
git-svn: ignore expansion of svn:keywords [test patch]

Sean Estabrooks:
Remove possible segfault in http-fetch.

Shawn Pearce:
Improve abstraction of ref lock/write.
Convert update-ref to use ref_lock API.
Log ref updates to logs/refs/<ref>
Support 'master@2 hours ago' syntax
Fix ref log parsing so it works properly.
General ref log reading improvements.
Added logs/ directory to repository layout.
Force writing ref if it doesn't exist.
Log ref updates made by fetch.
Change 'master@noon' syntax to 'master@{noon}'.
Correct force_write bug in refs.c
Change order of -m option to update-ref.
Include ref log detail in commit, reset, etc.
Create/delete branch ref logs.
Enable ref log creation in git checkout -b.

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