Re: __vmalloc with GFP_ATOMIC causes 'sleeping from invalid context'

From: Nick Piggin
Date: Sun May 21 2006 - 21:53:20 EST

Giridhar Pemmasani wrote:
If __vmalloc is called in atomic context with GFP_ATOMIC flags,
__get_vm_area_node is called, which calls kmalloc_node with GFP_KERNEL
flags. This causes 'sleeping function called from invalid context at
mm/slab.c:2729' with 2.6.16-rc4 kernel. A simple solution is to use

I can't see what would cause this in either 2.6.16-rc4 or 2.6.17-rc4.
What is the line?

proper flags in __get_vm_area_node, depending on the context:

I don't think that always works, you might pass in GFP_ATOMIC due to
having hold of a spinlock, for example.

Also, vmlist_lock isn't interrupt safe, so it still kind of goes
against the spirit of GFP_ATOMIC (which is to allow allocation from
interrupt context).

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