Re: broadcom 5752 in HP dc7600U works on 2.6.13 but does notworking on 2.6.16

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Mon May 22 2006 - 06:59:42 EST

Barry Scott <barry.scott@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Under FC4's build of 2.6.13 the broadcom 5752 works well. But when the
> I use the FC4 build of 2.6.16 it no long works.
> The hardware is an HP dc7600U, P4 2.8GHz CPU, 512MB memory
> SATA disk.
> mii-tool correctly reports the state of the eth0. Removing and inserting the
> cable is reported as expected. But DHCP or static IP configuration does not
> work under 2.6.16.
> In dmesg output on 2.6.16 I see this message:
> ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not ready
> I have recompiled the 2.6.13 version of tg3.c for 2.6.16 and that does
> not fix
> the problem.
> Looking at /proc/interrupts I see that a lot of difference between .13
> and .16 kernels.
> Is this related to the problem?
> Attached are the output of dmesg and /proc/interrupts on 2.6.13 and
> 2.6.16 kernels
> as well as lspci output.

It appears that the 2.6.13 kernel did not bring up the machine's io-APICs,
but 2.6.16 did. However you are receiving eth0 interrupts on 2.6.16 so
perhaps that's not relevant.

Don't know, sorry - tg3 works OK for most people. You could try booting
with the `noapic' kernel paremeter, perhaps.

Note that googling for "noapic" gets 212,000 hits - we've _really_ screwed
something up in there. Maybe one day some developer will lay hands on one
of these machines and will fix something.

If noapic doesn't work (and I suspect it won't) then a next step would be
to compile a kernel and start enabling debug options. It's
hard, when we don't know which kernel subsystem broke.

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