Device name persist and initrd problem

From: govind
Date: Mon May 22 2006 - 09:22:53 EST


Kernel Version : 2.6.16

udev Version : 092

We are trying to boot using the USB flash drive.

The USB gets detected as sda or sdb or sdc depending on the number of
disk. In our case we have the root file system in the USB disk.

We get kernel panic because USB detected as sd? (? being a or b or c
Even though this can be solved by giving root= option in the kernel
parameter during boot up, in our case we should not edit the grub

We tried to use the udev where we wrote a rule to find USB by using the
symlink called usbhd which is created by udev.

We are planning to give the usbhd in the root= option. The usbhd link
will point to USB (sda, sdb) dynamically.

Before mounting root device, udevstart is started in the /linuxrc
script. This is to create the dynamic link mentioned above.

We have downloaded mkinitrd from

However we get the following error message:-

The error message mount error 6 ext2 filesystem.
switchroot failed:22

Has anyone tried this before and if so, what is the suggested solution?

Thanks in advance,

"Actions lie louder than words."
-Carolyn Wells

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