Re: [PATCH 3/6] reliable stack trace support (x86-64 IRQ stack adjustment)

From: Andi Kleen
Date: Mon May 22 2006 - 10:13:53 EST

> 1: incl %gs:pda_irqcount # RED-PEN should check preempt count
> - movq %gs:pda_irqstackptr,%rax
> - cmoveq %rax,%rsp /*todo This needs CFI annotation! */
> + cmoveq %gs:pda_irqstackptr,%rsp
> +#if !defined(CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO) && !defined(CONFIG_UNWIND_INFO)
> pushq %rdi # save old stack

The tests for DEBUG_INFO are obsolete here. It should only test for
UNWIND_INFO. I'll fix that up.


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