netlink vs. debugfs (was Re: [Patch 0/6] statistics infrastructure)

From: Tim Bird
Date: Mon May 22 2006 - 14:08:52 EST

Andrew Morton wrote:
> Martin Peschke <mp3@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> My patch series is a proposal for a generic implementation of statistics.
> This uses debugfs for the user interface, but the
> per-task-delay-accounting-*.patch series from Balbir creates an extensible
> netlink-based system for passing instrumentation results back to userspace.
> Can this code be converted to use those netlink interfaces, or is Balbir's
> approach unsuitable, or hasn't it even been considered, or what?

Can someone give me the 20-second elevator pitch on why
netlink is preferred over debugfs? I've heard of a
number of debugfs/procfs users requested to switch over.

-- Tim

Tim Bird
Architecture Group Chair, CE Linux Forum
Senior Staff Engineer, Sony Electronics
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