Re: 2.6.17-rc1-mm3: time-i386-clocksource-drivers*.patch broke userspaceapps

From: Jim Cromie
Date: Mon May 22 2006 - 15:36:02 EST

Laurent Riffard wrote:

Since 2.6.17-rc1-mm3, some applications behave strangely here:
- video players (mplayer, vlc) are randomly frozen after less than 1
minute playing . They are killable by ^C.
- some network java application (freenet-0.7) quit after a few
minutes running.

A bissection point out time-i386-clocksource-drivers.patch as the

I noticed that, since 2.6.17-rc1-mm3, pit clocksource is installed
instead of acpi_pm clocksource. Booting with "clocksource=acpi_pm"
does not help.

Is pit clocksource broken ? If so, how can I get back acpi_pm
clocksource ?

Followup on the 1st Q:
GTS v.C2 had some pit fixes, what happens now testing with clocksource=pit ?

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