Re: swapper: page allocation failure. - random reboot problem

From: Nick Piggin
Date: Tue May 23 2006 - 05:17:01 EST

Haar János wrote:

OK, it is enough, to switch to 64bit, thanks!

But i have a little problem.
My node #3 reboots again.

At this point i have run out of ideas. :-(

This is checked already:

- the complete hardware, except the 12 hdd. (smart reports, no errors at
all, 4x ide + 8xSATA all 300GB.)
- the SMP race. (checked with non-smp kernel)
- APIC/ACPI (tested with non... kernel)
- the e1000 driver (tested with realtek gige adapter)
- the complete filesystem, OS (NFS-ROOT, and copy between nodes.)
- the memory allocation proble, (checked with debug-kernel, and rised

The systems only service is nbd. (nbd-server serving md0, raid4 array)

Anybody have an idea?

Bad hardware. Run memtest overnight. Can your power supply deal with
that many drives? etc.

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