[RFC][PATCH] node hotplug : register_cpu() changes [0/3]

From: KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki
Date: Tue May 23 2006 - 06:58:34 EST

With Goto-san's patch, we can add new pgdat/node in runtime.
I'm now considering node-hot-add with cpu + memory on ACPI.

I found acpi container, which describes node, could evaluate cpu before
memory. This means cpu-hot-add occurs before memory hot add.

In most part, cpu-hot-add doesn't depend on node hot add.
But register_cpu, which creates symbolic link from node to cpu, requires
that node should be onlined before register_cpu().
When a node is onlined, its pgdat should be there.

This patch-set holds off creating symbolic link from node to cpu
until node is onlined.

[1/3] modifies register_cpu
[2/3] changes caller of register cpu
[3/3] changes register_node. create symbolic link fron node to cpu.

By these patch, (cpu + memory) node hot add will succeed.
(cpu-only)/(IO-only) node hot add will need more fixes. (But we need this ?)

And ia64 needs more fixes. I'll post later.


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