Re: XFS write speed drop

From: Jan Engelhardt
Date: Tue May 23 2006 - 09:24:50 EST

>> CASE 1: Copying from one disk to another
>> ========================================
>> Copying a compiled 2.6.17-rc4 tree; 306907 KB in 28566 files in 2090
>> directories.
>OK, we can call this a metadata intensive workload - lots of small
>files, lots of creates. Barriers will hurt the most here, as we'd
>already have been log I/O bound most likely, and I'd expect barriers
>to only slow that further.
Yes and the most important thing is that someone made -o barrier the
default and did not notice. Someone else? :-D

>Yep, note the user/sys shows no change, we're basically IO bound in
>both tests, and barriers are hurting (as expected).

>> CASE 2: Removing
>> ================
>> Remove the copies we created in case 1.
>> 15:45 (none):/tmp # mount /dev/hdc2 /D -o barrier
>> 15:45 (none):/D # time rm -Rf kernel-0
>> real 3m31.901s
>> user 0m0.050s
>> sys 0m3.140s
>> 15:49 (none):/ # mount /dev/hdc2 /D -o nobarrier
>> 15:49 (none):/D # time rm -Rf kernel-1
>> real 0m53.471s
>> user 0m0.070s
>> sys 0m1.990s
>> 15:50 (none):/D # cd /
>> 15:50 (none):/ # umount /D
>Also metadata intensive, of course. All the same issues as above,
>and the same techniques should be used to address it.
>Odd that the system time jumped here. Roughly the same decrease in
>performance though (3-4x).

You may, or may not, take that serious. I only ran each test once (since
3m31s vs 53s shows "enough" of the issue).

>So, I agree, you're seeing the cost of write barriers here, but I
>don't see anything unexpected (unfortunately for you, I guess).
>The FAQ entry above will explain why they're enabled by default.
>Try the v2 log change I suggested, hopefully that will mitigate
>the problem somewhat. Alternatively, buy some decent hardware if
>you're after performance. ;)
Well as mentioned, -o nobarrier solved it, and that's it. I do not actually
need barriers (or an UPS, to poke on another thread), because power
failures are rather rare in Germany.

Jan Engelhardt
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