Re: [Patch 3/6] statistics infrastructure - prerequisite: timestamp

From: Martin Peschke
Date: Tue May 23 2006 - 09:33:20 EST

Balbir Singh wrote:
+static inline int nsec_to_timestamp(char *s, unsigned long long t)
+ unsigned long nsec_rem = do_div(t, 1000000000);

Could we please use NSEC_PER_SEC. I cannot count the number of zeros
after the 1.

Sure. I tried to keep my changes as small as possible ;-)

+ return sprintf(s, "[%5lu.%06lu]", (unsigned long)t, nsec_rem/1000);

Something symbolic for the 1000 would be better. NSECS_PER_USEC probably?

Makes sense.


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