udev taking a long time during startup

From: Piet Delaney
Date: Tue Aug 01 2006 - 03:14:15 EST

Hey Gang:

We were wondering why there is a 60 second delay on our systems
from the time that the kernel releases memory and the file system
is checked.

I dropped into kgdb during this period and found that an init
script, S10udev in our case, was sleeping in sys_nanosleep()
or sys_wait4(). Looks like thread/process S10udev forks udevstart
which forks udev which appears to be sleeping or waiting every time
I check in on it; Seems terribly wasteful.

udev seems to be a utility for hotplug and configured
with /etc/udev/udev.conf. Since we have no hot plug devices
I wonder if it really has to be called on every startup. On
solaris the device nodes are only re-established if you boot
with a -r option.

I never see any children of udev, so I wonder why it's
calling wait4() and nanosleep() so often.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


Piet Delaney
BlueLane Teck
W: (408) 200-5256; piet@xxxxxxxxxxxx
H: (408) 243-8872; piet@xxxxxxxx

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