Re: Block request processing for MMC/SD over SPI bus

From: Hans Eklund
Date: Tue Aug 01 2006 - 06:05:31 EST

Hi David.

First, my original post on LKML on the subject of MMC/SD over SPI framwork:

I began developing a driver for MMC access over SPI on the Analog Devices
Blackfin DSPs, running uClinux this spring. However, since then the blackfin
uClinux has moved from kernel version 2.6.12 to 2.6.16 with the unified SPI
framework. Also, a platform spi driver for the ADI Blackfin was recently
written. I released my driver to the Blackfin uClinux community a few weeks
ago and my plans was to move over to the SPI framwork using the platform
driver instead of low level blackfin SPI related code.

As you can see om my LKML post, my driver covers(at first stage) everything
from low level SPI commands and block device insertion to the request
processing(since i at first could not connect to the MMC subsystem). Now,
Russel King believes that you may have written a SPI to MMC subsytem driver.
Correct? If so, whats the status on your driver?

My current goal was to make my driver platform independent and then(if
possible) connect to the MMC subsystem which i, at this point is not too
familiar with.


Hans Eklund
Rubico AB -
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