Re: Solaris ZFS on Linux [Was: Re: the " 'official' point of view"expressed by regarding reiser4 inclusion]

From: Jan Engelhardt
Date: Tue Aug 01 2006 - 09:54:27 EST

>> >I didn't mean to say your particular drive were crap, but 200GB SATA
>> >drives are low end, like it or not --
>> And you think an 18 GB SCSI disk just does it better because it's SCSI?
>18 GB SCSI disks are 1999 gear, so who cares?
>Seagate didn't sell 200 GB SATA drives at that time.
>> Esp. in long sequential reads.
>You think SCSI drives aren't on par? Right, they're ahead.
>98 MB/s for the fastest SCSI drives vs. 88 MB/s for Raptor 150 GB SATA
>and 74 MB/s for the fastest other ATA drives.

Uhuh. And how do they measure that? Did they actually ran sth like...
dd_rescue /dev/hda /dev/null

Jan Engelhardt
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