Re: reiser4: maybe just fix bugs?

From: David Masover
Date: Tue Aug 01 2006 - 12:53:52 EST

Vladimir V. Saveliev wrote:

Do you think that if reiser4 supported xattrs - it would increase its
chances on inclusion?

Probably the opposite.

If I understand it right, the original Reiser4 model of file metadata is the file-as-directory stuff that caused such a furor the last big push for inclusion (search for "Silent semantic changes in Reiser4"):

foo.mp3/.../rwx # permissions
foo.mp3/.../artist # part of the id3 tag

So I suspect xattrs would just be a different interface to this stuff, maybe just a subset of it (to prevent namespace collisions):

foo.mp3/.../xattr/ # contains files representing attributes

Of course, you'd be able to use the standard interface for getting/setting these. The point is, I don't think Hans/Namesys wants to do this unless they're going to do it right, especially because they already have the file-as-dir stuff somewhat done. Note that these are neither mutually exclusive nor mutually dependent -- you don't have to enable file-as-dir to make xattrs work.

I know it's not done yet, though. I can understand Hans dragging his feet here, because xattrs and traditional acls are examples of things Reiser4 is supposed to eventually replace.

Anyway, if xattrs were done now, the only good that would come of it is building a userbase outside the vanilla kernel. I can't see it as doing anything but hurting inclusion by introducing more confusion about "plugins".

I could be entirely wrong, though. I speak for neither Hans/Namesys/reiserfs nor LKML. Talk amongst yourselves...
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