strange issues with simple net module for 2.4

From: gj
Date: Tue Aug 01 2006 - 18:49:54 EST

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hi devs

I have spend some time, and wrote very simple NET device module for 2.4
kernels. It does allocate certain number of paired net interfaces named
tola%d , where for instance:

anything you send to tola0, appears on tola1, and the other way around,
same for all Ns.

there are few issues however.
First of all, I am not able to allocate more than 50 pairs (the param is
at the top of the source - int nrofi; ). Secondly, every once in a while
it crashes badly on unload, and frankly - I have no idea why.

Once again, this is 2.4.X module! The reason being, we are using here only
2.4 series for networking for various reasons that I don't want to get
into now.
I do appriciate any help or hints regarding this module please.

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