Re: Support for TI FlashMedia (pci id 104c:8033, 104c:803b) flash card readers

From: Alex Dubov
Date: Tue Aug 01 2006 - 22:10:18 EST

I was working on making some sense from all the
constants and discovered that many flashmedia mmc
registers are very similar in bit assignment to OMAP
mmc ones (which are documented). Pity I haven't
noticed it before. I'll take some time now to review
the driver given this new information.

> Ah, ok, I see. The socket structure would then be
> similar to a device
> structure in the kernel. Perhaps you should use the
> name "host" instead
> of "card" then as that is widely used in the other
> mmc host drivers.

But what with mmc_host structure that also hangs
around? I think it deserves the name "host" even more.

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