Re: Support for TI FlashMedia (pci id 104c:8033, 104c:803b) flashcard readers

From: Pierre Ossman
Date: Wed Aug 02 2006 - 05:29:06 EST

Alex Dubov wrote:
> I was working on making some sense from all the
> constants and discovered that many flashmedia mmc
> registers are very similar in bit assignment to OMAP
> mmc ones (which are documented). Pity I haven't
> noticed it before. I'll take some time now to review
> the driver given this new information.

Nice. Hope you find something.

> But what with mmc_host structure that also hangs
> around? I think it deserves the name "host" even more.

Perhaps. But the other drivers have chosen to use "mmc" for the mmc_host
structure and "host" for their internal state structure. It's really a
matter of taste, but it's easier to do changes that cover all/many
drivers when they all use the same naming conventions.


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