[PATCH 0/3] at91_serial: Introduction

From: Haavard Skinnemoen
Date: Wed Aug 02 2006 - 10:50:01 EST

The following 3 patches make the at91_serial driver usable on AVR32.
The last two patches are not really AVR32-specific and may be
considered as general bug fixes.

There are a few bigger changes I want to do to the at91_serial driver.
If you have objections to any of this, please speak up.

The avr32-arch patch in -mm contains copies of a few files in
include/asm-arm/arch-at91, among others at91rm9200_usart.h. This
duplication is really unnecessary, and I suggest we move the file into
drivers/serial so that it can be used by all architectures.

Since at91_serial can be used by devices other than at91, it's really
a bit misnamed. I'd like to rename it to atmel_serial. Would you
accept a huge patch to do that?

There's also a different driver around for the same piece of hardware
that I wrote almost from scratch a couple of years ago, and that's
distributed with the AT32STK1000 BSP. I'm planning to phase out that
driver, but before I do I want to go through it and try to integrate
all the good stuff into the at91_driver.

Another thing: Andrew, are you the official maintainer of this driver?
If not, who is?

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