Re: 2.6.18-rc1-mm2 and 2.6.18-rc3 (bttv: NULL pointer derefernce)

From: Dominik Karall
Date: Wed Aug 02 2006 - 11:57:09 EST


I'm not sure if anybody is working on this bug (see below), but as it
happens with 2.6.18-rc3 too, I think it's important to inform you to
avoid that this bug hits the final release.


On Friday, 14. July 2006 18:30, Dominik Karall wrote:
> On Friday, 14. July 2006 07:48, Andrew Morton wrote:
> >
> >.1 8-rc1/2.6.18-rc1-mm2/
> Hi,
> just want to inform you that the bug is present in 2.6.18-rc1-mm2
> too. But I took a better screenshot which should be readable:
> I hope it's useful for you, please let me know if I should test any
> patches!
> cheers,
> dominik
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