Re: [patch] espfix cleanup take 2

From: Zachary Amsden
Date: Thu Aug 03 2006 - 01:14:13 EST

Andrew Morton wrote:
On Wed, 02 Aug 2006 20:43:47 +0400
Stas Sergeev <stsp@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Attached is a new espfix cleanup patch.

Ho hum, this conflicts moderately with the hypervisor preparatory patches
which Jeremy sent.

So could I ask that you redo this patch in a couple of weeks time against
the current -mm lineup? I'd prefer not to merge it immediately because
doing so would make it even harder than usual to work out who to blame if
things break ;)

That would be my preference as well - I don't really have the bandwidth to do a full review / test and integration of Stas's patch right now. Subtle isn't really the word for this change - NMIs, debug handling, sysenter, kernel stack copying, segment registers, interrupts, kernel exception fixup, 16-bit stacks, descriptor tables and now CFI annotations all come into play. Basically, all the evil and tricky parts of i386 all come out to play together, and the control flow is non-linear in places. Sadomasochistic is a more appropriate word. But it is a very nice change, and I would like to see it merged into -mm eventually. I actually have an ad-hoc test suite that tests most of these paths, but I've never gotten formal and rigorous enough with it to publish. I'll see if I can do that sometime in the next two weeks ;)

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