Re: Can someone explain under what condition inode cache pages canbe swapped out?

From: Jan Engelhardt
Date: Thu Aug 03 2006 - 03:54:29 EST

> Specifically, how a swaping system determine which page should be
> swapped out when memory is tight?

LRU, f.ex.

> Intuitively, I think inode cache
> pages should be swapped out as late as possible.

I believe they are not swapped at all - they are shrunk when memory becomes
a premium. (If this was a math class I'd say the cache size will be zero,
although that's not too realistic in practice)

> But how Linux mkae
> decision on this? Why linux does not pin inode pages in the memory?

Ugh hell no. Then you could trigger OOM by simply walking a big filesystem.

Jan Engelhardt
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