Re: [PATCH -rt DO NOT APPLY] Fix for tg3 networking lockup

From: Michael Chan
Date: Thu Aug 03 2006 - 19:24:30 EST

On Thu, 2006-08-03 at 14:48 -0700, David Miller wrote:
> From: Theodore Tso <tytso@xxxxxxx>
> Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 16:17:41 -0400
> > eth0: Tigon3 [partno(BCM95704s) rev 2100 PHY(serdes)] (PCIX:100MHz:64-bit) 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet 00:14:5e:86:44:24
> The 5704 chip will set TG3_FLAG_TAGGED_STATUS, and therefore
> doesn't need the periodic poking done by tg3_timer().

True. But they also have ASF enabled which requires tg3_timer() to send
the heartbeat periodically. If the heartbeat is late, ASF may reset the
chip believing that the system has crashed.

> eth0: RXcsums[1] LinkChgREG[0] MIirq[0] ASF[1] Split[0] WireSpeed[0] TSOcap[0]

We'll see if we can do away with the timer-based heartbeat. That's
probably the best solution.

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