[PATCH 00/10] -mm generic clocksoure API

From: dwalker
Date: Thu Aug 03 2006 - 23:23:03 EST

This patch set is meant to modify the clocksource structure and API so that it
can be used by more than just the timekeeping code. My motivation is mainly
that I feel the current clocksource interface could be used for much more
than just timekeeping. So if we keep the clocksource interface (which I think
we should) then we should get everything out of it that we can.

This set modifies the API, then converts the time keeping code over to the new
API. I also added a generic sched_clock() which just re-uses the clocksource
interface to provide a high quality scheduling clock (assuming a good
clocksource). Several ARM board just output nanoseconds based on jiffies which
is still possible with the generic sched_clock().

I tested this on SMP and UP x86, and compile tested for ARM.


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