automated Linux Regression suite

From: Cort Dougan
Date: Fri Aug 04 2006 - 01:02:05 EST

I saw the talk by Greg Kroah-Hartman at and wanted to correct
a mistake (perhaps itself a myth).

A regression suite, fully automated, has existed for Linux since I was
running the PPC tree in the 90's. I still use an extensive and very much
upgraded version here at FSMLabs. There will be a C/C++ Journal article on
it in the next few months but there is a link describing it and how to
re-implement it here:

It tests FreeBSD, NetBSD and Linux for PowerPC, x86, x86-64, FRV, MIPS,
ARM, XScale and IXP. It tests user-land, kernel functionality, RTLinux and
RTCore along with all of our realtime drivers.

To this day we're expanding it's coverage and capability. It took one long
weekend to write the first version of this system.
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