Re: 2.6.18-rc3-git3 - XFS - BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000078

From: Jesper Juhl
Date: Fri Aug 04 2006 - 06:41:42 EST

On 04/08/06, Nathan Scott <nathans@xxxxxxx> wrote:
On Fri, Aug 04, 2006 at 10:22:21AM +0200, Jesper Juhl wrote:
> I just hit a BUG that looks XFS related.
> The machine is running 2.6.18-rc3-git3
> (more info below the BUG messages)

Thanks for reporting, Jesper - is it reproducible?

I don't know. I only tried that kernel once and when it broke on me
went back to the previous 2.6.11 kernel it was running before.

Could you try this
patch for me?

The machine is semi-production, so there are limits to how much and
when I can test on it.
roughly wednesday and thursday each week I should be able to run
experimental kernels on it, the rest of the week the box needs to be

We had a couple of other reports of this, but the earlier
reporters have vanished ... could you let me know if this helps?

What I'll do is apply that patch to the 2.6.18-rc3-git3 kernel that
BUG'ed on me, then wednesday next week I'll boot the machine with the
patched kernel and it should be able to run for ~24hrs, then I can
report back to you if it crashed or not.

Or is there some other way you'd rather have me do it (subject to the
constraint that I can only do experiments one and a half to two days a
week) ?

Jesper Juhl <jesper.juhl@xxxxxxxxx>
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