result of pci=assign-busses on HP NW9440 laptop

From: Eric Anderson
Date: Fri Aug 04 2006 - 18:41:06 EST

dmesg on booting a kernel on the HP NW9440 laptop reports:
> PCI: Bus #03 (-#06) is hidden behind transparent bridge #02 (-#03) (try 'pci=assign-busses')
> Please report the result to linux-kernel to fix this permanently

I'm not quite sure which part of the dmesg output I'm supposed to
report. When I enable pci=assign-busses, the piece of dmesg that
reports the warning says nothing, but later on in dmesg where it is
printing out information about busses, it says:

> PCI: Bus 6, cardbus bridge: 0000:05:06.0
> IO window: 00006000-000060ff
> IO window: 00006400-000064ff
> PREFETCH window: 88000000-89ffffff
> MEM window: 8a000000-8bffffff

Instead of PCI: Bus 3, ...

I didn't notice anything else changing. If I should run some other
command or provide other output, tell me what to run and I'll report
the output.

Please CC me directly since I'm not subscribed to linux-kernel.

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