Re: [Fastboot] [CFT] ELF Relocatable x86 and x86_64 bzImages

From: Don Zickus
Date: Fri Aug 04 2006 - 19:38:22 EST

> The length error comes from lib/inflate.c
> I think it would be interesting to look at orig_len and bytes_out.
> My hunch is that I have tripped over a tool chain bug or a weird
> alignment issue.

I thought so too, but I took vmlinuz images from people (Vivek) who had it
boot on their systems but those images still failed on my two machines.

> The error is the uncompressed length does not math the stored length
> of the data before from before we compressed it. Now what is
> fascinating is that our crc's match (as that check is performed first).
> Something is very slightly off and I don't see what it is.

I printed out orig_len -> 5910532 (which matches vmlinux.bin)
bytes_out -> 5910531

> After looking at the state variables I would probably start looking
> at the uncompressed data to see if it really was decompressing
> properly. If nothing else that is the kind of process that would tend
> to spark a clue.

I am not familiar with the code, so very few sparks are flying. I'll
still dig through though. Thanks for the tips.

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