Re: Where does kernel/resource.c.1 file come from?

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Sat Aug 05 2006 - 03:15:41 EST


> > > I'm playing around with my local copy of linux-2.6 git tree. I'm building
> > > everything to a separate directory using O= to keep "git status" silent.
> > >
> > > After building I sometimes find a file kernel/resource.c.1 in my git tree
> > > that doesn't really belong there. Who is generating this file, for what
> > > reason and why doesn't it get created in my output directory?
> >
> > Can you also try to make sure that this file is generated as part of the
> > build process. git status before and after should do it.
> I did a full rebuild and did not see the file again. Weird.

Is not it emacs's (or other editor's?) numbered backup?

Thanks for all the (sleeping) penguins.
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