Re: Zeroing data blocks

From: Avinash Ramanath
Date: Sat Aug 05 2006 - 03:53:30 EST


As per your suggestion, if I write a file with zero bits, it would
remap to other pages, and I might not zero the real pages. So is there
any other way that I can access the pages that a file is using?

On 7/9/06, Arjan van de Ven <arjan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sat, 2006-07-08 at 18:56 -0700, Avinash Ramanath wrote:
> I am trying to zero data blocks whenever an unlink is invoked as part
> of a secure delete filesystem.

just a question... how secure do you want to be?
(just asking because zeros might not be the best pattern when protecting
against government type use :)
I would be using zeroes multiple times followed by random bit patterns.

> I tried to zero the file by writing a buffer (of file size) with
> zeroes onto the file.

that's not so nice since there is no guarantee that the filesystem or
the disk won't remap the data blocks underneath you...

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