Re: [v4l-dvb-maintainer] Options depending on STANDALONE

From: Adrian Bunk
Date: Sat Aug 05 2006 - 06:49:07 EST

On Thu, Aug 03, 2006 at 04:40:25PM -0700, Trent Piepho wrote:
> On Thu, 3 Aug 2006, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> > On Thu, Aug 03, 2006 at 03:56:17PM -0400, Dave Jones wrote:
> > > You're describing PREVENT_FIRMWARE_BUILD. The text Zach quoted is from
> > > STANDALONE, which is something else completely. That allows us to not
> > > build drivers that pull in things from /etc and the like during compile.
> > > (Whoever thought that was a good idea?)
> >
> >
> > Is DVB_AV7110_FIRMWARE really still required?
> > ALL other drivers work without such an option.
> The other DVB drivers that need firmware load it when the device is opened
> or used (ie. a channel is tuned). At least for the ones I'm familiar
> with. If they are compiled directly into the kernel, they can still use
> FW_LOADER since the loading won't happen until utill well after booting is
> done.
> For AV7110, it looks like the firmware loading is done when the driver is
> first initialized. If AV7110 is compiled into the kernel, FW_LOADER can
> not be used. The filesystem with the firmware won't be mounted yet.
> So AV7110 has an option to compile a firmware file into the driver.

But is there a technical reason why this has to be done this way?

This is the onle (non-OSS) driver doing it this way, and Zach has a
point that this is legally questionable.



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