Re: [PATCH 01/12] thinkpad_ec: New driver for ThinkPad embedded controller access

From: Shem Multinymous
Date: Sun Aug 06 2006 - 06:42:17 EST


On 8/6/06, Andrew Morton <akpm@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
I suggested a simple solution: Perhaps one of the other project members
(ie: one who uses a real name) could also sign off the patches?

Well, I offer this patch under the GPL, so anyone (including you) can do it.

But I would like to be able to submit further patches without "adult
supervision", so I hope you don't mind my pressing the issue:

> What more is needed that may be realistically expected from a kernel
> patch submission?

We who accept the submission would be making a joke of the whole thing if
we accepted the assurances of a person who is concealing his/her identity.

Can you please be more specific? What purpose does this exclusion
serve, that would be realistically achieved otherwise? You already
have a GPL license from the author, and a way to contact and uniquely
identify the author.

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